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Bigger Is Better

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Nose Job

Use this app to digitally augment a photo of someone to have a larger or smaller nose –- and let hilarity ensue! Uses advanced, special-purpose computer vision algorithms to create unbelievably realistic results in seconds. 

Make your friends look ridiculous -- give them a huge nose, or a tiny fragile one from a botched rhinoplasty. Or make subtler changes to touch up and perfect your photos.

Compatability: iOS 4.0 or later devices, including iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad


- Fine tune the nose job by adjusting multiple intuitive settings 

- Preview the result immediately after adjusting settings, and pinch to zoom in on the enhanced image 

- Import photos from any of these sources without leaving the app, and then digitally augment them: 


--- The camera (if available) 

--- Photo library & camera roll 

--- Facebook 

--- Google+

--- Web Image Search 

--- Flickr 

--- Photobucket


- Save and share your augmented photo with built-in export support for: 


--- Photo library 

--- Email (attachment) 

--- Facebook photo upload 

--- Flickr, Photobucket and Twitpic (via email) 


- Use the Add More feature to enhance multiple individuals in one photo, or create a hybrid effect on a single person

- Use the augmentation selectors to easily select the input regions of a photo 

- FREE updates for life! 

- Small app download size -- download quickly over 3G or WiFi 

- Save high-resolution images for sharing (save high-res available on iPhone 3GS and later)


Digital simulation does not guarantee resemblance to physical surgery process. Screenshots including photos below of individuals are being used for illustrative purposes only; persons depicted in the photos are models. Photos are licensed for advertising purposes and are copyrighted by their respective owner(s).